The Rich Get Richer

I have been hearing a lot of what amounts to Hate Speech by the current administration and the Media. Hate Speech towards the wealthy of this country. We even have a Senator calling for the Executives of AIG to commit suicide. Many of them are receiving death threats for receiving bonuses that they may or may not have earned but are entitled to by contract. Barney Frank, the Clown Prince of the House of Representatives has said that he thinks the names of the threatened executives should be made public. Where is the hysteria similar to what was created when someone supposedly shouted threats of Obama at McCain/Palin rallies? This of course did not really happen, but the misplaced hysteria was real.

My reason for writing this post is similar to my “One Bad Apple” story. The Adage “The Rich get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer” Is a copout and a fallacy. In America anyway. This is “The Land of Opportunity”. A place where anyone can get rich. Part of the reason that the Middle Class is shrinking is that They are moving into the Upper Middle Class and even the Wealthy Class.  Of course I am using these terms arbitrarily since we do not have set “classes” in this country. The “Rich” can become poor and the “Poor” can become Rich. If you have read The book “The millionaire next door” Or “The art of selling to the affluent” By Matt Oechsli , Then you would know what I mean.

Now before anyone asks why I am defending the rich, Let me say that I am not defending a class of people. I am defending FREEDOM. If these politicians can take taxpayers money and give it without conditions to a huge corporation that probably had other options, then express Phony Outrage about how they spend it, Then what is stopping them from determining how much YOU and I make at our jobs.  What happens when the government, Who already determines a minimum wage, decides to set a Maximum wage as well? All they have to do is get the Hoi Polloi stirred up into a frenzy over people that make more money than they do. Dehumanize the rich. There was another leader in the last century who used that same technique to convince young men to commit the most horrible atrocities against a class of people for the sake of public good.

Watch the other hand. When a magician makes a big flourish with one hand, it’s the other hand you should be watching. That’s where the real trickery takes place.  When these politicians are going after “the Rich”,  It’s your freedom that is the real target.

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