We need to Create Opportunity

Do you really believe that it’s the president that creates jobs? How exactly does he do that? By extending unemployment benefits? Holding a job summit?

Especially this president and vice president who have never held a legitimate job between them. Neither has ever run a company. Not Even a small business, how are they supposed to know what it takes to create jobs? Neither has ever created a job in their life.

Someone  said me that  “…he is dragging his heels instead of creating jobs.”

He is certainly not dragging his heels but you cannot point to one single thing he has done to create a job, he has only created discontent…and That is the true agenda.

Obama has to fudge the numbers to convince the American People that he has “Saved or Created” what, 850,000 jobs, Meanwhile Nearly 16 million are out of work. Even if he was telling the truth it wouldn’t matter. But he has to perpetuate his god like persona. Who else is it that Creates and Saves?

The way to create jobs….wait scratch that. You don’t Create a job. What we need to Create is OPPORTUNITY.

And who is it that creates opportunity?

Give Up?

It’s those guys that make the big salaries that create opportunity. Not greedy politicians who use misdirection to keep people blaming the ones that can help them, while they the Politicians take more money out of Your and My wallets. They don’t ask for it. They don’t earn it. They just take it. Under threat of prison.  Before you even see it. And now that you and I are broke they are starting to take it from our kids and grand-kids. While they get a pension for life after only four years in office. And they can vote them selves a raise. Can you vote your self a raise? How would you vote if you could?

Please don’t be a tool of these politicians. They use you to stir up discontent aimed at the wealthy so that they can drum up the permission to go after the money that those people have earned. And then what? Will that spur them on to work harder to create more jobs. Will increased regulation cause companies to bring jobs back from overseas? Why do you think they outsource jobs now? and turn illegals into virtual Slaves?Do you really think it’s because they are jobs “Americans just won’t do”?

How much should people be Allowed to make in your New World Utopia? How much regulation is enough,sir?

If government increases taxes on the rich(Takes their money) do you really think they are going to give it to you??? And if the government increases taxes on the rich, Do you really think that the rich are going to dig a little deeper into their pockets to pay that extra tax? Or will they dig deep into YOuR pOcKETs for that money? In the form of Increased Prices (do you know what COBD means? I’ll bet Obama does),lower pay, And fewer jobs. We The People will be two time losers.

Why would “…banking, investment, and oil industries…top employees” Work hard to “CREATE” new jobs if they know that the government is just going to take whatever they make for doing it.

And what “Pie” are you talking about? Do you think that because one person makes a million dollars this year that there goes a million dollars that you or I cannot make? Wherever did you get that idea? If that is what you think then you should look up the word “Opportunity”.

And so we come full circle. It’s a beautiful thing.