Taxing the rich.

What if we eliminated corporate tax in America? Calm down… breathe normally…4 3 2 1. Ok now read carefully….
I heard someone talk about this on the radio tonite, and When I realized the implications I almost had a heart attack. I hear people all the time saying (parroting) that we should increase taxes on the rich. I think that is the stupidest idea in the world. Who do you think pays those taxes? Who do you work for? Now if your answer has anything to do with the gov’t then you aren’t going to like what I am saying. I won’t spend a lot of time going into how much “the rich” already pay but let’s just say that it’s the 20/80 rule on steroids. Something like 5/95.
But really, Who is REALLY paying those taxes? WE are. Big companies call this CODB or Cost of Doing Business and Taxes are part of the price you pay for an item. That is BEFORE Sales Tax! So you, Johnny and Jane Taxpayer, You pay tax when you earn money. You pay tax when you spend it. You even pay tax when you save it and earn interest. On top of THAT, You are also paying the tax of the company THAT MADE THE PRODUCT! (it’s in the price.)
So again… What if we ended Corporate Tax? First, Outsourcing would end. Do you ever wonder WHY companies ship jobs overseas. Cheaper labor is part of it. But Cheaper taxes and Fewer regulations are another part. A much bigger part. Without corporate taxes, Foreign companies would be begging to operate here. Prices would be much lower. the Economy would flow like Drano. Innovation would soar. Research and Development would be a larger part of society and people would have better jobs to choose from. If Corporations did not pay taxes they, like Churches today, would have less say over what happens in Government and Taxpayers would have more power. Any objections???