One Bad Apple

“I’m pure as the driven slush.” Tallulah Bankhead

I stood in the elevator on the eighth (administrative) floor of the Public Library as the newly refurbished elevator door came very slowly to a close. A very loud warning signal assaulted those of us inside. On the way down I broke the unwritten rule by commenting to the well dressed lady in the car with me.

I said something about how could someone need to be warned about something so obvious as closing elevator doors and that we were becoming a society saturated with warnings. To which she replied “One Bad Apple spoils it for the rest of us”

I have noticed in my life that the more well educated a person is, the more likely they are to respond with a platitude rather than actually think for themselves. But let’s think for a moment about this saying.

“One bad apple spoils a whole bunch”

So, If you have a bushel of apples, and you spot a bad one, do you just write off the bushel? Or do you pick out the bad one, take a quick look at the the remaining ones to see if any more are bad and move on? I have found that a lot of sayings don’t stand up to common sense.

“Still waters run deep”

Still water doesn’t run, now does it?

“Pure as the driven snow”

Driven snow is rarely pure.

So the next time you are going to answer a problem with a platitude, give it a little thought first.

And how about if we start picking out our bad apples instead of just allowing them to spoil the whole bushel.