Act of Karma

Sharon Stone was criticized recently for some remarks she made about the earthquakes in China being Karma for their treatment of the people of Tibet.

You know, for so long, an event like this would have been called an “Act of God”, What’s wrong with calling it an “Act Of Karma” if that is what she believes in? To assign it specifically to their relationship with Tibet is a bit judgmental, I agree. But if she (or you) don’t believe in God then you have to call it something .)

The city of Bam in SE Iran was hit by a major earthquake on Boxing Day in 2003, then, Exactly one year later The Indian Ocean region was hit by a major Tsunami. Even though I did not hear of any Christian leaders saying it, I’m sure Many Christians at least wondered if these “Acts of God” Really Were Acts of God. And if that weren’t enough, On the Same Day in 2006, an earthquake of about 6.7 on the Richter scale hit a place called Hengchun in Taiwan. I did not hear about this at the time but apparently the only effects it had on America was a temporary decrease in Spam.

So if someone does not believe in God But does Believe in Karma then what is wrong with calling it so? In fact wouldn’t it be discrimination not to?

Of course, calling something an “Act of Karma” would turn the insurance industry on it’s head. “Ohh I’m terribly sorry to hear about your house fire Mrs Jones but we’ve taken a look at your life and decided that It was an “Act of Karma”, you see, You deserved it and I’m Afraid you’re not covered.” So sad.


Happy Mother’s Day

…To the Best Mom I ever had.

Composting Redux.

Well I just found out that the second week of May is International Compost Awareness Week. Since I am a person who believes that composting will do much more to benefit this planet than parking your SUV, I thought I should bring this up and provide a few links to help the slackers get started. I said in my previous post that  the basics of Composting could be learned in an article not much longer than an average blog post. So here is such an article. Also, here is a website for composting.  If you would like to build your own bin, try this article.  It’s not just for farmers anymore.