What is “Painting The Target”?

“Painting the target” means he was shining a laser at a target so that the aircraft’s weapons system could get a fix on it in the dark. By shining a laser at the target he is also giving up his own position. He would not have done that if he did not know that there was air support on scene to receive the information. This was likely the reason he was killed.

The Gateway Pundit is reporting evidence today that Air support was on scene but was called off. Quoting BlackFive from a former Delta operator:

“One of the former SEALs was actively painting the target. That means that Specter WAS ON STATION! Probably an AC130U. A ground laser designator is not a briefing pointer laser. You do not “paint” a target until the weapons system/designator is synched; which means that the AC130 was on station.

“Only two places could have called off the attack at that point; the WH situation command (based on POTUS direction) or AFRICOM commander based on information directly from the target area.”

So the question becomes, Was air support actually there? Or was someone playing Bait and Switch with the Seals? And if it was there, Who called it off?
It has been reported that Former Navy Seals Glen Doherty and Tyrone Woods disobeyed orders to “Stand Down” when they went to the US Consulate to help Ambassador Chris Stevens and staff. And, had they survived the attack, they could have faced Court Martial for doing so.

Romney was Right.

Killed in an attack, Outrageous and shocking attack, Killers, Denigrate the religious beliefs of others(?), Senseless Violence. Brutal Acts, Libyan Revolution, news of this attack in Benghazi, 4:17 No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, This terrible act, their attackers.

So he actually said the word terror, But I wouldn’t agree that he called this an act of terror. Not with any real force anyway. It’s almost like it was planned so he could point back to it later. And after this he still blamed it on a video for nearly two weeks.

And what about the ” Denigrate the religious beliefs of others…” Line? What did the Ambassador  do to denigrate anyone’s Religious beliefs? Or was he saying that the “attackers” were denigrating the Ambassadors beliefs? The only thing he could have been talking about was this supposed video. That’s the only conclusion I can draw from this.

We need to Create Opportunity

Do you really believe that it’s the president that creates jobs? How exactly does he do that? By extending unemployment benefits? Holding a job summit?

Especially this president and vice president who have never held a legitimate job between them. Neither has ever run a company. Not Even a small business, how are they supposed to know what it takes to create jobs? Neither has ever created a job in their life.

Someone  said me that  “…he is dragging his heels instead of creating jobs.”

He is certainly not dragging his heels but you cannot point to one single thing he has done to create a job, he has only created discontent…and That is the true agenda.

Obama has to fudge the numbers to convince the American People that he has “Saved or Created” what, 850,000 jobs, Meanwhile Nearly 16 million are out of work. Even if he was telling the truth it wouldn’t matter. But he has to perpetuate his god like persona. Who else is it that Creates and Saves?

The way to create jobs….wait scratch that. You don’t Create a job. What we need to Create is OPPORTUNITY.

And who is it that creates opportunity?

Give Up?

It’s those guys that make the big salaries that create opportunity. Not greedy politicians who use misdirection to keep people blaming the ones that can help them, while they the Politicians take more money out of Your and My wallets. They don’t ask for it. They don’t earn it. They just take it. Under threat of prison.  Before you even see it. And now that you and I are broke they are starting to take it from our kids and grand-kids. While they get a pension for life after only four years in office. And they can vote them selves a raise. Can you vote your self a raise? How would you vote if you could?

Please don’t be a tool of these politicians. They use you to stir up discontent aimed at the wealthy so that they can drum up the permission to go after the money that those people have earned. And then what? Will that spur them on to work harder to create more jobs. Will increased regulation cause companies to bring jobs back from overseas? Why do you think they outsource jobs now? and turn illegals into virtual Slaves?Do you really think it’s because they are jobs “Americans just won’t do”?

How much should people be Allowed to make in your New World Utopia? How much regulation is enough,sir?

If government increases taxes on the rich(Takes their money) do you really think they are going to give it to you??? And if the government increases taxes on the rich, Do you really think that the rich are going to dig a little deeper into their pockets to pay that extra tax? Or will they dig deep into YOuR pOcKETs for that money? In the form of Increased Prices (do you know what COBD means? I’ll bet Obama does),lower pay, And fewer jobs. We The People will be two time losers.

Why would “…banking, investment, and oil industries…top employees” Work hard to “CREATE” new jobs if they know that the government is just going to take whatever they make for doing it.

And what “Pie” are you talking about? Do you think that because one person makes a million dollars this year that there goes a million dollars that you or I cannot make? Wherever did you get that idea? If that is what you think then you should look up the word “Opportunity”.

And so we come full circle. It’s a beautiful thing.


1: A tentative assumption made in order to draw out and test it’s logical and empirical consequences.

I have never really understood the need of a hypothesis in the scientific method. I understand it’s purpose. It gives reason and a goal to study and experimentation, but a purpose is not a need. And I don’t see a place for assumption in science. The same with consensus. Consensus is not science. Science is [supposed to be] truth. Not just what is currently popular. Science should begin with observable evidence, not assumption.  Hypothesis injects bias into the heart of science. It gives the experimenter “something to prove”. This can lead to selective reasoning, ignoring or even suppressing relevant facts. Or Political Correctness for the sake of getting funding. Too many times I have read of scientists who have fudged the facts to get continued funding for a project.

Now let me say that I am not someone who believes that scientists are high priests or Oracles of Knowledge. They are people just like the rest of us. They have biases. they make mistakes. And while most of them are decent honest people that are content to carry out their work in labs around the world, many will do and say whatever is necessary to get what they want, be it funding, fortune or fame. Unfortunately these are the ones we most often hear about.

I recently watched a program on PBS called “Judgment Day“. A program about the Evolution/Intelligent Design Trial in Dover Kansas a few years ago. One line from the court room re-enactment really stood out for me.  The actor portraying Dr. Ken Miller said “It could be true, but it certainly wouldn’t be science.”  It could be true, but it certainly wouldn’t be science?? Forgive my ignorance but I thought that science was all about finding the truth. Even determining the truth.

Evolutionists rarely debate Intelligent Design(ID) on the basis of truth. They always try to focus on the fact that it doesn’t fit their definition of science. But this definition begins with a huge assumption. That everything can be proved naturally. I’d like to see the evidence for that. You cannot empirically say that there is no GOD. Or that there is nothing outside of the natural world that can affect ours. If you start with that assumption then you will look at evidence with a bias. You may throw out evidence that doesn’t fit your paradigm and even confuse Cause with Effect.

The church is guilty of the same thing. Many people wonder how there can be so many denominations that all read the same book. It’s not because of what they believe. Most Denominations have a lot in common. It’s what they choose to ignore that separates them.  In order to remain a good Catholic you pretty much have to ignore the third chapter of the Book of John. All religions have these quirks. All people have Bias. Be they religious or scientific.

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The Rich Get Richer

I have been hearing a lot of what amounts to Hate Speech by the current administration and the Media. Hate Speech towards the wealthy of this country. We even have a Senator calling for the Executives of AIG to commit suicide. Many of them are receiving death threats for receiving bonuses that they may or may not have earned but are entitled to by contract. Barney Frank, the Clown Prince of the House of Representatives has said that he thinks the names of the threatened executives should be made public. Where is the hysteria similar to what was created when someone supposedly shouted threats of Obama at McCain/Palin rallies? This of course did not really happen, but the misplaced hysteria was real.

My reason for writing this post is similar to my “One Bad Apple” story. The Adage “The Rich get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer” Is a copout and a fallacy. In America anyway. This is “The Land of Opportunity”. A place where anyone can get rich. Part of the reason that the Middle Class is shrinking is that They are moving into the Upper Middle Class and even the Wealthy Class.  Of course I am using these terms arbitrarily since we do not have set “classes” in this country. The “Rich” can become poor and the “Poor” can become Rich. If you have read The book “The millionaire next door” Or “The art of selling to the affluent” By Matt Oechsli , Then you would know what I mean.

Now before anyone asks why I am defending the rich, Let me say that I am not defending a class of people. I am defending FREEDOM. If these politicians can take taxpayers money and give it without conditions to a huge corporation that probably had other options, then express Phony Outrage about how they spend it, Then what is stopping them from determining how much YOU and I make at our jobs.  What happens when the government, Who already determines a minimum wage, decides to set a Maximum wage as well? All they have to do is get the Hoi Polloi stirred up into a frenzy over people that make more money than they do. Dehumanize the rich. There was another leader in the last century who used that same technique to convince young men to commit the most horrible atrocities against a class of people for the sake of public good.

Watch the other hand. When a magician makes a big flourish with one hand, it’s the other hand you should be watching. That’s where the real trickery takes place.  When these politicians are going after “the Rich”,  It’s your freedom that is the real target.

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The Secret of Secret Shopping

As more and more people lose their jobs,  many will turn to the Internet for ways to make some extra money. Unfortunately Many scammers will do the same. I heard about a thing called “Secret Shopping” when I worked as a Optician, making and selling eyeglasses. My boss told me that his wife did it, And how to spot someone who was a Shopper.

If you don’t know what I am talking about,  I’ll give a brief description. There are companies that Contract with service and retail Companies to send people into their stores and evaluate the service of it’s employees.  As a shopper you are given specific instructions of what to buy, or  Sometimes Buy and Return. Then You fill out a questionnaire and if you have followed the instructions to a T they will refund your money but you get to keep the product. Sometimes you receive a small stipend in addition to the item.

There are a lot of companies out there that will hire Secret Shoppers over the internet, But there are a lot of companies that will rip you off too. If they ask for money up front, They are probably not legit. Even if they are, many companies don’t, so try them first.

I always check www.ripoffreport.com before I deal with anyone over the web. It has user generated content and companies have a chance to respond, so you get both sides of the story.

You can check the forums to find out who pays and who makes excuses.

But the title of this article has the word “Secret” in it, So you are probably looking for a secret aren’t you?  Well The Secret is…You don’t have to go through a Secret Shopping company to get paid. It’s called Customer service. Many companies will pay you for your feedback if you do it right. I once called Gorton’s Fish company to comment on their boxes. Big Box, Little Tiny fish sticks. They sent me a coupon for any Gortons product free.  I recently called CS for a winery to comment on how much I didn’t like their rubber corks. They sent me a check for the amount I paid for two bottles of wine. I called Taco Bell a while back and told them that their food did not look like their Menu Boards. Not only did they send me a coupon for a free meal, The next time I went in, there were two people interviewing Customers about the food.  I don’t know if it was purely because of me, I doubt it, But the bottom line is Companies WANT to hear from customers. Good or bad. Especially when the economy is stale, they want to find ways of improving their service.  Sometimes that is better than lowering prices.

So Just make a phone call, but Be polite, Being angry will get you nowhere. But let companies know how you feel about their service. Name Names only if necessary. Who knows? You may just get paid for your opinion. And leave a comment here if you do.

One Bad Apple

“I’m pure as the driven slush.” Tallulah Bankhead

I stood in the elevator on the eighth (administrative) floor of the Public Library as the newly refurbished elevator door came very slowly to a close. A very loud warning signal assaulted those of us inside. On the way down I broke the unwritten rule by commenting to the well dressed lady in the car with me.

I said something about how could someone need to be warned about something so obvious as closing elevator doors and that we were becoming a society saturated with warnings. To which she replied “One Bad Apple spoils it for the rest of us”

I have noticed in my life that the more well educated a person is, the more likely they are to respond with a platitude rather than actually think for themselves. But let’s think for a moment about this saying.

“One bad apple spoils a whole bunch”

So, If you have a bushel of apples, and you spot a bad one, do you just write off the bushel? Or do you pick out the bad one, take a quick look at the the remaining ones to see if any more are bad and move on? I have found that a lot of sayings don’t stand up to common sense.

“Still waters run deep”

Still water doesn’t run, now does it?

“Pure as the driven snow”

Driven snow is rarely pure.

So the next time you are going to answer a problem with a platitude, give it a little thought first.

And how about if we start picking out our bad apples instead of just allowing them to spoil the whole bushel.

Act of Karma

Sharon Stone was criticized recently for some remarks she made about the earthquakes in China being Karma for their treatment of the people of Tibet.

You know, for so long, an event like this would have been called an “Act of God”, What’s wrong with calling it an “Act Of Karma” if that is what she believes in? To assign it specifically to their relationship with Tibet is a bit judgmental, I agree. But if she (or you) don’t believe in God then you have to call it something .)

The city of Bam in SE Iran was hit by a major earthquake on Boxing Day in 2003, then, Exactly one year later The Indian Ocean region was hit by a major Tsunami. Even though I did not hear of any Christian leaders saying it, I’m sure Many Christians at least wondered if these “Acts of God” Really Were Acts of God. And if that weren’t enough, On the Same Day in 2006, an earthquake of about 6.7 on the Richter scale hit a place called Hengchun in Taiwan. I did not hear about this at the time but apparently the only effects it had on America was a temporary decrease in Spam.

So if someone does not believe in God But does Believe in Karma then what is wrong with calling it so? In fact wouldn’t it be discrimination not to?

Of course, calling something an “Act of Karma” would turn the insurance industry on it’s head. “Ohh I’m terribly sorry to hear about your house fire Mrs Jones but we’ve taken a look at your life and decided that It was an “Act of Karma”, you see, You deserved it and I’m Afraid you’re not covered.” So sad.

Happy Mother’s Day

…To the Best Mom I ever had.

Composting Redux.

Well I just found out that the second week of May is International Compost Awareness Week. Since I am a person who believes that composting will do much more to benefit this planet than parking your SUV, I thought I should bring this up and provide a few links to help the slackers get started. I said in my previous post that  the basics of Composting could be learned in an article not much longer than an average blog post. So here is such an article. Also, here is a website for composting.  If you would like to build your own bin, try this Instructibles.com article.  It’s not just for farmers anymore.